This online renewal system is available to veterinarians, licensed veterinary technicians, and equine dental providers. You will not be able to change your address using the online renewal system.  All address changes need to be submitted in writing to the board office. You may fax the change to 512-305-7556, e-mail the address change to, or utilize the address change form.

You cannot utilize this online renewal option if:

  • You do not pay a fee, i.e. retired or military
  • You wish to change your license status, i.e. from inactive to active; military to regular, etc.
  • You may renew on-line if you change from active to inactive but not from inactive to active
  • You hold a Special License
  • You are working for a state agency that is paying the fee via inter-agency transaction voucher.
  • Veterinarians with an inactive license may renew on-line if:
    • you are renewing as inactive
  • You may not renew as inactive on-line if you have been in inactive status for more than 9 consecutive years.