Veterinarians are also affected by statutes unrelated to the Veterinary Licensing Act. Below is a list of some of these statutes. This list is NOT exhaustive, and the short summaries are not meant to be authoritative or relied upon. In addition to these state laws, federal laws also affect veterinarians, as well as administrative rules issued by various federal and state agencies.

To locate these statutes, visit your public library, use the Texas Legislature's web site:, or contact the state agency.

Agricultural Code [Animal Health Commission]

  • Section 76.117: License not required for some uses of pesticides.
  • Section 161.065: Permit issuance for movement of quarantined animals
  • Section 161.085: Form of animal health certificates and designation of veterinarians authorized to issue.
  • Section 161.101: Authorizes commission to adopt rule with list of diseases veterinarians must report.
  • Section 161.102: Specimen must be submitted to commission from animal who has died of anthrax.
  • Section 161.103: Veterinarian who believes fowl has died of anthrax or ornithosis must tell owner of proper disposal method.
  • Section 161.145: Criminal offense for failing to report diseased animal.
  • Section 162.004: Certificate for tuberculosis test must be filed.
  • Section 162.005: Veterinarian's tag or branding duties when cattle test positive for tuberculosis.
  • Section 162.011: Criminal penalty for failing to tag, brand, or file certificate.
  • Section 164.062: Certificate for sheep importation.

Code of Criminal Procedure

  • Article 18.18: Destruction of dogs used in dog fights.

Health and Safety [Department of Public Safety/Health Department]

  • Section 81.042: Must report to local health authority a reportable or communicable disease.
  • Sections 481.001, 481.002, 483.001 & 484.005: Relating to ability of veterinarians to prescribe and dispense dangerous drugs and controlled substances.
  • Section 822.003: Destruction of dog.
  • Section 822.046: A veterinarian is not subject to prosecution under 822.044.
  • Section 823.003: Animal shelter must have annual inspection by veterinarian, who must file report with shelter and health department.
  • Section 826.021: Veterinarian shall issue rabies certificate to owner of vaccinated animal.
  • Section 826.0221: Veterinarians are not subject to penalties for transporting animal with rabies.
  • Section 826.023: Administration of rabies vaccine.
  • Section 826.042: Quarantine or testing of animals believed to have or been exposed to rabies.
  • Section 826.043: When an animal quarantined for rabies may be released.
  • Section 826.0451: Veterinarian not subject to prosecution for transporting animal with high probability of transmitting rabies.

Insurance Code

  • Article 5.15-1: Regulation of Professional Liability Insurers

Civil Statutes

  • Article 179e: Texas Racing Act. Various duties and responsibilities of veterinarians associated with racing.
  • Article 1528n: Specifically allows veterinarians to organize professional limited liability companies.
  • Article 1528e: Specifically allows veterinarians to organize professional corporations.
  • Articles 4542a & 4542a-1: Exempts veterinarians from some restrictions on pharmacists.
  • Article 8891: Duties toward abandoned animals in care of veterinarian.

Parks and Wildlife Code [Parks and Wildlife Department]

  • Section 62.015: Veterinarian may posses exotic animal carcass.
  • Section 62.106: Veterinarian may perform euthanasia on dangerous wild animal.
  • Section 68.010: Person with commercial propagation permit must obtain an annual inspection by a veterinarian.