Register a Temporary Limited-Service Clinic

Board Rule §573.71 requires notification to the Board prior to the operation of a Temporary Limited-Service Clinic. The veterinarian holding the clinic is required to provide notification at least 48 hours before the clinic begins operation.

Please click on the button below to complete the form online and submit it to the Board electronically.

Register a Single Temporary Limited-Service Clinic (Requires Adobe Reader)

Register multiple Temporary Limited-Service Clinics via email

We have provided two template files for your use to download, edit & send back via email as an attachment for ease of use. This is the preferred method of submitting clinic data if entering 5 or more clinics. Choose either file depending on your preference (CSV or Excel Template). A sample row has been added to show good data entry. Please enter phone numbers with no dashes, brackets or formatting. If you have an alternate phone number to add, please enter in the clinic details/description column.

Email completed spreadsheet to