The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners receives and reviews complaints regarding the practice of veterinary medicine and equine dentistry as well as complaints against individuals believed to be practicing veterinary medicine or equine dentistry without a license. 

Important Information Pertaining to TBVME Enforcement of DEA Registrations

Board rule 573.43 requires a veterinarian to hold a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) registration if such registration is required by other law.

Austin, Texas - April 5, 2018 - Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiner's Executive Director, John M. Helenberg, has released a statement regarding the Board's enforcement of Rule 573.43 (Controlled Substance Registration) which clarifies the DEA Registration requirements.

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Exec Dir DEA Registration


Drug Log Violation Matrix

Board rule 573.50 contains record keeping requirements for a veterinarianís use of controlled substances, including a record of the total balance on hand of each scheduled drug. This matrix, adopted by the Board on July 19, 2016, contains Board guidelines for evaluating violations of rule 573.50.

Compliance Inspections

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